The development of our pneumatic interval impactors arose from the demand for more process reliability. The development was initiated together with one of the largest dairy companies in Germany, so that today we present an interval impactor that runs 365 days a year without failures.

Area of application
Bulk materials in silos, containers, reactors or transport facilities to maintain an even flow of material.

Mode of operation
Our pneumatic interval impactors are equipped with a specially developed free-flight piston (registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office). A pressure accumulator located in the knocker is released abruptly by a magnetic diaphragm valve. This causes the firing pin or free-flight piston to be shot against a baffle plate on the silo wall at a high speed. This counteracts sticking or material flow disturbances. With the impactor mounted at an angle, the piston is reset completely independently and wear-free by gravity.


Type MI - 70

The compact pneumatic interval impactor type MI-70 in stainless steel housing was developed for thin container walls, bulk materials, filling devices, BIG Pack filling systems and pipelines.

Technical specifications

Operating pressure 1.0 - 3.0 bar
Impact force 4 kg
Air consumption per blow 0.4 litres
Control voltage 24 V-AC or 230 V-DC

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Type EA - 102

The pneumatic interval impactor type EA-102 in a stainless steel housing can be used universally and was designed for medium-sized container walls. These are common for silos, spraying and drying towers.

Technical specifications

Operating pressure 0.5 - 2.0 bar
Impact force 15 kg | Dead weight 8 kg
Air consumption per blow 0.8 litres
Suitable for container walls 2.5 - 4.0 mm

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Type MA - 102

The heavy pneumatic interval impactor type MA-102 in stainless steel housing was developed for strong container walls on silos and other large installations.

Technical specifications

Operating pressure 0.5 - 2.0 bar
Impact force 25 kg | Dead weight 10 kg
Air consumption per blow 1.2 litres
Suitable for container walls > 4.0 mm

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Assembly, disassembly, maintenance and servicing of wafer-type butterfly valves made easy. With the tool for wafer-type butterfly valves, they can be replaced easily, quickly and safely, without damage. The tool is available in four different sizes, individually or as a set.

Area of application
Existing systems and pipelines


Available sizes

WSZ 92 suitable for DN 25 / DN 32 / DN 40 | Opening 30 - 70 mm

WSZ 110 suitable for DN 40 / DN 50 | Opening 30 - 70 mm

WSZ 142 suitable for DN 65 / DN 80 / DN 100 | Opening 30 - 70 mm

WSZ 220 suitable for DN 125 / DN 150 | Opening 30 - 120 mm

Also available as special version
Opening width up to 140 mm, operation via hexagonal head SW 13/17

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Easy and safe working on construction sites and in joinery halls

As a partner of WMG Handels GmbH, we build and sell the WM 214-L sawing aid, which offers you the following advantages in combination with a standard chain saw:

dimensionally and angular accurate cuts | clean and precise cutting | simple and effective work | function of the chain saw is not changed

Area of application

 timber house construction | timber post and beam construction | solid wood construction | log construction | renovation work

Technical specifications

Length: approx. 395 mm
Width: approx. 385 mm
Height: depending on saw and blade length
Weight (without saw): approx. 6.5 kg
Compatible chain saws: Motor drive | Electric drive | Battery drive

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